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"Pilates - Naturally"


Daniel Zylbersztajn B.A. hon., M.A.,

M.Sc. Sport Coaching, P.G.Cert. Sport Sc., ITEC Massage, Advanced Pers. Trainer with Special Populations and Referral, Dipl.Pilates & Remedial Exercise Alan Herdman Teac hing exercise in London since 1999.

Read my T-Shirt: Joseph Pilates: "Those who exercise, eat sensibly and sleep sufficiently, take the very best preventative medicines, so freely and abundantly suppiled by nature"

Indications: Work with athletes, chronic back pain, knee, arm and shoulder problems, deconditioning, third age clients, as well as tummy and bum toning.

Holistic Massage available with Daniel as add on or complement.

Contact: Phone/SMS
0784.363.0760 or email Daniel on









Clients Reviews:









"Daniel provided me not only with weekly tailored classes but also with practical tips to be applied daily that contribute to correct my posture and relief my neck pain."

María Fernanda, Embassy Foreign Diplomat









"Excellent training  which is varied and tailored to my needs." 




Former Member of Bank of England










"I always thought you have to sweat and pump to exercise, but Daniel showed me that there is another calmer and safer way!"





Kara J.*







































































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